Reimbursement and Market Access

Effective Product Launching

Following the regulatory approval of an intervention, ensuring the product is effectively launched to the market is vital. HEOR Ltd offer a variety of services to ensure interventions get to the patients.

HTA Submissions

Health technology assessment (HTA) aims to provide timely patient access to therapeutic interventions that offer clinical and economic value to the healthcare system. This is achieved via a comprehensive evaluation of the evidence base. Such reimbursement evaluations are being increasingly utilised and are becoming an essential stage in the launch of a new intervention. HEOR Ltd have expertise in compiling and critiquing evidence submissions for HTA bodies worldwide, including NICE (England and Wales), NCPE (Ireland) and the Australian Government Department of Health’s HTA program. HEOR Ltd offers modelling, writing and strategic input throughout the process, to ensure the core value messages are delivered with clarity.

Underpinning the development of a robust evidence submission, the multidisciplinary team at HEOR Ltd can provide all or some of the following:

Writing and Editing

Data Collection and Analysis

Economic Modelling

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Subsequent to endorsement, HEOR Ltd offer tools to support the implementation of reimbursement decisions in the form of Education and Training and Publications and Presentations.

Field Sales Support

In addition to Education and Training, HEOR Ltd can provide materials to empower the sales team in communicating the core value messages to both payers and clinicians following a reimbursement decision, including PowerPoint presentations, value packs and Budget Impact Tools.