Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Systematic Review


Synthesis of systematically derived data remains at the forefront of evidence-based medicine and forms the basis of policy making internationally. Systematic literature review is an essential component of the health technology assessment (HTA) process, ensuring all relevant data are pooled to enable important questions regarding efficacy, safety, quality of life and resource use to be answered.

HEOR Ltd will work with you to define the scope of your project, critically appraise relevant research and analyse data from studies included in order to answer your research question. Data may be pooled via meta-analysis, where appropriate. Outputs are then used to inform both clinical and economic analyses. We ensure transparency and reproducibility of process, conforming to the PRISMA Statement.

HEOR Ltd offers this service as part of a HTA Submission; as such, we are able to advise on the requirements for HTA bodies and the recommended databases for inclusion.