What is a consensus narrative review?


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Consensus narrative reviews: Bringing together scientific literature and expert opinion

What is a consensus narrative review?

A consensus narrative review can be defined as a non-systematic summary of the literature on a specific topic, that in combination with expert consensus opinion provides a holistic view of current thinking in the field.

While the narrative review has been criticised as a vehicle for drug promotion, when developed properly and ethically, with adherence to good publication practice, the narrative review can be a focused source of reliable information that is considered an important educational tool in the continuing medical education of healthcare professionals, and others seeking information in the area. Furthermore, consensus is central to the scientific process and can provide a basis for decision-making when evidence is lacking.

These consensus narrative reviews can be fundamental in establishing and maintaining the clinical dialogue around a disease state and its treatment and can help advance the quality of care for patients.


What is a Consensus group?

A consensus group is a panel of multidisciplinary respected experts in the topic, that are familiar with the evidence and have been regular contributors to the literature. They are convened to draw from their expertise for the purpose of advancing the understanding of an uncertain issue, procedure, or method.

How do we work with consensus groups at HEOR?

At HEOR we work alongside practicing healthcare professionals and key opinion leaders to summarise the available evidence and establish the consensus viewpoint, to ultimately develop guidance and practical solutions for healthcare issues where a lack of clarity currently exists.

HEOR organise the round table meeting, develop pre-meeting materials and facilitate the meeting, providing a framework and strategic direction. We develop a first draft on the consensus manuscript in line with the discussion and coordinate co-author input and review until a final version is approved for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

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