Data Science & Analytics

Data Science & Analytics

From basic data visualisation to predictive analysis using AI and machine learning HEOR can transform data into insights

We pioneer new methodological research, and routinely perform database analyses to inform health economic modelling

Our experience spans the globe; we have conducted analyses on databases from Europe, the US and Australia

While clinical interest invariably focuses on understanding the natural history of disease, payers and providers are required to realise any potential efficiencies of demand management

The same data can provide insight to multiple perspectives. Delivering database analyses that characterise disease progression and healthcare burden, while demonstrating the potential for optimising healthcare delivery, is both efficient and informative

Data Science

Data collection

  • Database studies e.g. CPRD
  • Observational studies
  • Chart reviews
  • Surveys
  • SQL database

Statistical and data analysis

  • Direct treatment comparison
  • Indirect treatment comparison (NMA, MAIC, ML-NMR)
  • Survival analysis
  • Novel statistical methods
  • Clinical trial data analysis
  • Predictive analysis using AI and machine learning

Data visualisation

  • R/Shiny application development

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