Health Economic Modelling

Health Economic Modelling

We think outside the box and deliver creative solutions to demonstrate value

HEOR has an established reputation for innovative modelling approaches and technical excellence. Our models are intuitive, scientifically robust and clinically appropriate

We have deep expertise across all model types, our researchers are members of the ISPOR-SMDM Joint Modelling Good Research Practices Task Force and have been active participants in the Mount Hood diabetes modelling challenges

We translate complex problems clearly and transparently, to deliver models that are user-friendly and fit for purpose. Our experience spans pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, devices, and healthcare service delivery, across a wide variety of disease areas

Cost-effectiveness models

HEOR have extensive experience in the design and development of transparent, user-friendly global cost-effectiveness models and local country adaptations 

Our models are often used to support health technology assessments across the globe. We have recently supported health technology assessments in the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, Austria and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia

Budget impact models

Our robust budget impact models adhere to recommended best-practice guidelines as well as being transparent and relevant in demonstrating the financial consequences associated with the uptake of a new product

Disease and natural history models

Modelling the natural history of disease (progression in the absence of intervention) and the impact of therapeutic interventions is a core research activity for HEOR. Our experience and expertise encompasses Markov models, individual patient-level simulation models (fixed-time increment or discrete event simulation) and disease transmission models

Model conceptualisation is a key part of our model development process as we believe that a ‘one size fits all’ approach can miss opportunities to capture key areas of treatment benefit

Health Economic

Model strategy and design

Model testing and validation

Cost-effectiveness models

  • Early
  • Global
  • HTA

Budget impact models

Pricing models

Disease and natural history models

  • Markov
  • Individual patient-level simulation
  • Disease transmission

Complex simulation models

National and local model review and adaptation

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