Case Study

Strategic insights into a complex NHS commercial deal


NHS England (NHSE) and NHS Improvement play a significant role in supporting patient access to clinically and cost-effective medicines by offering enhanced commercial arrangements where appropriate and practical.

A complex commercial deal was agreed between the NHS and our client’s competitor and our client wanted to understand the implications of the deal for their current pipeline and any opportunities for potential future commercial deals.


Utilisation of staff with extensive industry experience in developing and negotiating managed entry agreements in the UK.

Desk research to identify the specifics of the deal between the NHS and our client’s competitor.

Review of the NHSE Long Term Plan to identify implications for our client’s pipeline and future commercial deals.

Synthesis of the findings into a summary and development of recommendations for our client to use internally for education and commercial planning.


Visually engaging slide deck summarising:

  • The principles of the NHS Long Term Plan
    and implications for market access of new products in the specified therapy area
  • NHSE principles for commercial deals
  • Competitor product details and competitive landscape
  • Deal specifics emphasising approach, novel aspects, responsibilities and issues
  • Observations on implementation
  • Implications and learnings for the client’s pipeline
  • Insights to inform the client’s approach to commercial deals and broader commercial planning