Case Study

Value evidence resources for an accelerated antiviral launch for the treatment of COVID-19


Our client had begun an accelerated clinical program to develop their antiviral protease inhibitor to treat patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 and required our support to develop an evidence package for launch.

This was a time sensitive project, with a significant unmet need for treatments to reduce the risk of hospitalisation and death, and high real-time demand.

As evidence was emerging, in a rapidly changing landscape, there was a need to continually adapt and optimise.

The regulatory and competitor environments were fast evolving and uncertain.

Approval, funding and policy frameworks were non-standard.


Provided a strategic partnership, responsively navigating multi-stakeholder perspectives and needs.

Defined and continually evolved a COVID-19 antiviral strategy, which considered the value of therapeutics as a function of patient benefits, vaccine development, health system requirements and challenges.

Conducted targeted literature reviews to evaluate the strength of available evidence, data gaps and challenges to demonstrating clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and affordability in COVID-19.

Performed a feasibility assessment of a network meta‐analysis, important given the number of potential comparators in the crowded and fast-evolving field.

Created a population-level dynamic disease transmission model that incorporated HRQoL.

Developed cost-effectiveness and budget impact models to investigate health economic outcomes related to treatment of COVID-19 in the outpatient setting.


A COVID-19 antiviral strategy for accelerated launch.

A cost-effectiveness model incorporating disease transmission dynamics to assess the health economic impact associated with the introduction of an antiviral therapy against SARS-CoV-2 for patients who present with symptoms of mild or moderate disease in an outpatient setting.

A budget impact model to assess the cost associated with the introduction of antiviral therapy against SARS-CoV-2.

Rolled out to the client’s team on a call with over 200 attendees.