A Learning & Development Milestone!


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Milestone! 200th coaching hour delivered at HEOR
by Jason Price, Learning & Development Lead

“After 2 years in my role as L&D Lead at HEOR, I have just completed my 200th coaching hour. I am still so impressed that HEOR supports coaching for all staff. And when I say coaching, I don’t just mean traditional line management coaching (which we also do very well). I am part of a small team of experienced, qualified business coaches, offering an experience aligned with that of any external professional coaching company (well, we like to think). We offer 121 coaching programmes over the course of 6 months, team coaching, and we are also on-hand for a one-off conversation when needed.

I have enjoyed every single one of my 200+ coaching hours, each one being a unique conversation with a unique person. For me, people are wonderfully complex and fascinating, and at HEOR I have had the pleasure of working with some highly talented people with incredible minds. Helping them to unlock their potential, achieve their goals and just spending time with them is deeply rewarding. There have been successes, challenges, and many laughs along the way. And as Bill Gates said, “Everyone needs a coach”, so long may we continue.”

Jason Price, Learning & Development Lead

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