HEOR Connect – April 2023


Jason Price | 

Recently, we held our first ever residential event for all colleagues, called HEOR Connect. We met over the course of 2 days and 1 night at a beautiful resort in the Cotswolds countryside, providing a perfect setting for us all to disconnect from our daily routines and immerse ourselves in the experience.

The primary purpose of the event was to bring all of us together in a peaceful and relaxed setting to foster deeper connections and build stronger relationships. We wanted everyone to get to know each other on a more personal level, beyond our roles and responsibilities within the organisation, and we planned a range of activities and social events, designed to encourage interaction and engagement.

Throughout the event, there was a strong focus on looking to the future and exploring new possibilities. We wanted everyone to leave feeling inspired and motivated, with a sense of purpose and direction for the year ahead and beyond. We met our new non-executive directors Eamus Halpin and Frank Holmes, who shared their experience and passion for supporting us into the future. Michael Minshall, and a colleague from Indiana, also dialled in to share some of his vast knowledge of the US healthcare sector.

One of the highlights was a series of interactive workshops and seminars, where colleagues had the opportunity to share knowledge and insights and explore new ideas and perspectives. These sessions were led by our very own experts on topics ranging from Global HTA 101 to Imposter Syndrome, and from Infectious Diseases to Creative Impact. They were designed to be highly interactive and engaging, with plenty of opportunities for everyone to ask questions, join the fun activities, and network with each other.

The evening event on Day 1 started with a warming award ceremony to recognise some of our colleagues’ contributions to the company, as voted for by peers. This was followed by a lovely 3-course meal, a little wine, and much laughter into the evening.

The venue’s surroundings, set close to 50+ lakes, encouraged plenty of walking during downtime, whilst many colleagues took the opportunity to hit the gym or enjoy some well-deserved spa treatments. 

Overall, the event was a big success and feedback from everyone has been really positive. The overwhelming sentiment was how much they all enjoyed the opportunity to connect with each other in-person, and how valuable they found the learning and development sessions. They also appreciated the chance to relax and unwind in a beautiful setting and just have some fun.

After a strange few years working remotely it was so rewarding to participate in an event like this. I hadn’t realised how much I missed these opportunities. By focusing on connecting with colleagues, looking to the future, and learning together, I feel we are well placed to take advantage of the opportunities the years ahead will offer us. 

‘Overall, the event was a big success and feedback from everyone has been really positive.’

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