Highlights from ISPOR 2022


HEOR delegates | 

This year HEOR had 13 delegates attend ISPOR in Vienna, and although long-standing attendees of ISPOR this was the first year that we had an exhibition booth! Our brand new booth looked amazing, we certainly stood out – thanks to Andre Niezgoda for creative mastery as always!

All our delegates agreed there was such a positive energy, with everyone so engaged and eager to be meeting in person again. Our booth was a hive of activity, with lots of clients, old and new, stopping by to say hello.

For a couple of our delegates it was their first ISPOR…

“this was my first ISPOR – and I had a fantastic time – the atmosphere was very exciting. I loved the buzz of chatting with clients at the stand and networking at posters and vendor booths. I learned so much about the industry, and it was an invaluable experience. I won’t forget my first ISPOR”

Gemma Taylor, Head of Data Science & Analytics

On the poster floor it was a packed schedule, with five sessions over three days and hundreds of posters per session. Our work was well received, with two posters in the top 5%. One of these was featured in a poster tour, where presenters had the opportunity to describe their work via radio-mic to a larger audience. With so many posters in such a small space, getting around everything could take a while, and many interesting conversations with clients, academics, and fellow presenters were had outside of the designated discussion periods, making the poster sessions very much an event unto themselves for attendees so inclined!

“We can be proud of our contributions to this conference – our ten beautifully designed posters stood out as noted exemplars of quality and consistency, and gave a fantastic representation of our efforts and expertise. We can proudly take this as a benchmark, and continue to develop our innovative and informative work into presentations for the wider HEOR community.”

Rob Young, Principal Health Economist

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