Life at HEOR


Arti Garrick 

1. Please give an overview of your role at HEOR?

I support the HTA, MA and Consulting teams, managing team resources, advising on project development and developing our strategic partnerships.

2. What first attracted you to work in this field?

I had no idea about HTA or Market Access until I was already working in it! I was a trained medical writer and an ex-colleague told me of his new HTA role and suggested I might be interested. I have never looked back!

3. What motivated you to join HEOR?

I liked the focus on academic rigour and developing good work that fits the needs of our clients. Phil also had an interest in learning and development for his team, which meant I felt that I had plenty of opportunity to progress.

4. What is your greatest achievement at work since
joining HEOR?

We have a strong record of HTA success within our team so I like to think back and consider my small role in helping patients access those therapies.

5. How do you think your team works best for the client?

My team works best when we’re integrated within the client team, providing a collaborative strategic partner, as this is where we develop the best solutions for the client, for the team and for the project.

6. How would you best describe the HEOR culture?

Friendly, informal and supportive, but also ambitious and focused.

7. How would you describe what you do, to people who
may not have heard of market access / HEOR sector?

I describe it as supporting companies to bring their health technologies (drugs, medical technology, etc) through the reimbursement process to the patients who need them.

8. What is your favourite thing to do when you’re
not working?

Walking with my dog and playing video games.

9. What’s your favourite famous or inspirational quote?

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” – Walt Disney

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